Charlie hebdo has an editor with the name of “Stephane Charbonnier.” Little Stephane talks to his psychoanalyst to get cured. The psychoanalist is a different one, a little more active than the typical psychoanalist.

Little Stephane: My dear doctor, why am I getting nervous about Islam?

Little Stephane’s dear doctor: My dear Stephane, you know you are nervous about evertything. You are just nervous about becoming irrelevant in your career. You are also nervous about Charlie.

Little Stephane: What is wrong about my career and what is wrong with Charlie?

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:  Neither of the two is going anywhere. That is why you are nervous my dear Charlie- sorry I was going to say “my dear Stephane”.

Little Stephane: But I should be nervous about Islam.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:   Why?

Little Stephane: Because they are bad. Really bad. I have to save France and also the world from them.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:   Who are “they”?

Little Stephane: They, the “muslims”. They hate me and the world. Like my father hated me.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:  Are you sure? They hate you?

Little Stephane: Yes. Of course. They always hated us. That’s why my greaaaaat greaaaat father participated in the crusades. We had to exterminate them.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:  So you are continuing the crusades of your greaaaaat greaaaat fathers?

Little Stephane: No. Of course not. Crusaders also hated us. They burned whole French cities.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:  Oh- I guess you mean the Albigensian crusades.

Little Stephane: Whatever.   Albigensian crusades and others. They all hate us.

Little Stephane’s dear doctor:  Stephane- there is enough love in this world. You are not being hated. May be you should approach Islam and Christianity with less prejudice.

May be your real problem is not that you are getting nervous about Islam; may be it  is just that you are not able to find topics to publish and sell Charlie. May be you have difficulty finding a popular raison d’etre for Charlie in these modern days.

Little Stephane: Oh yes- suddenly I am enlightened my dear doctor. I am cured. Long live my dear doctor.  I love everyone. Everyone loves me. That is such a good feeling.