Armenian resolution:Bad for Armenia, Turkey and the US

Armenian resolution:Bad for Armenia, Turkey and the US

A US congressional committee “decided” that Turks committed against Armenians. It was a funny vote! It was also a demonstration of how confused congressmen could be about the basic tenets of what a democracy is; “you can vote whatever you want.” I expect the next votings of the US Congress will be among the following:

– Is there life in Mars? Yes / No
– Did Cristopher Colombus came from the moon? Yes / No
– Was it US or Japan (or perhaps the Germans) who started the WWII? Yes / No

I believe, the American people, a generally educated people, should help train some of their politicians in not producing such nonsense. Because experience shows that such nonsensical behavior jeopardizes reputation of countries.

More importantly, this vote is the latest damage on Armenia (and Turkey and the USA) by the Armenian diaspora. Armenia, a quite poor and landlocked country, is since 1994 an occupation force in Azerbaijani territories of Upper Karabagh. Does that serve Armenian people in reducing their poverty? On the contrary, that aggression eternalizes poverty in Armenia, makes it an alien force in the region and does a collective bad to the region.

On 25 September 2007, that is, about three years ago, in my column at Todayszaman, a Turkish daily, I wrote an article titled “Armenian resolution:’Bad for Armenia, Turkey and the US.” Well, apparently not much has changed since then.

Here is the article and a comment in an Armenian blog on it:

And the French version that appeared in Nouvelles D’Armenie Magazine