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French domestic politics take France back to middle ages

Making Armenians (and Turks) a tool for French domestic politics is quite disgusting.

An article of mine that appeared in Todayszaman in September 2007 is highly relevant again now.

Armenian resolution:’ Bad for Armenia, Turkey and the US

Today’s Zaman
Countries are free to let their parliaments decide on historical issues. For example, you may have the Japanese parliament vote unanimously that it was the American air force who first struck Japan to start the eastern episode of World War II.

That will not change history, but may have repercussions on the politics and economics of the day. Read More

Getting along with the new Turkey

Murat Yulek and Anthony Randazzo

Real Clear World – 2 December 2011


Turkey announced this week it would freeze the financial assets of Syria, its southern neighbor, and prevent all weapons deliveries to the country until the regime of Bashar al-Assad ceases its assaults on civilians protesting autocratic rule and agrees to step down. This is also the same Turkey that has co-negotiated a deal with Iran on limiting nuclear weapons developments. This is the same Turkey who’s leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is beloved by Muslims around the world for his fiery language leveled toward Israel in the wake of diplomatic snafus and the flotilla incident last year. This is the same Turkey that has made the foreign policy choice to negotiate with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Read More